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July 5-12, 2015, Mt. Airy, NC — 5 Comments

  1. We will have a picnic pavilion for the week near our campsites. Larry and John Henry will bring box fans for the pavilion. John Henry is switching sites with me so I will be closest to the pavilion in #56, Larry #57, John Henry #58, Janet #59, Jimmie #60, Sandra ?, Carol ? We’ll have our happy hours 4 pm, pot luck Wednesday 6 pm, and coffee 8:30 am at the pavilion. I’ll bring sandwich makings again for Sunday 6 pm (after happy hour).

  2. I have never been in his area and am open to anything people want to do and see. Janet

  3. The Depot Restaurant in Dobson is a place everybody likes to go for dinner:

    There are winery tours in the area as well:

    Foothills Brewing is in Winston-Salem, one of my favorites!

    These are the things I know about!

    • I moved your links for state parks to the main entry. Will work on other links as I have time. Thanks.