We no longer have newsletters. Attendees sometimes write summaries of campouts. Click the newsletter or summary you want to view and it will open as a PDF file.

2017 Campout Summaries
June 2017 Campout Summary by Bobbi Harden
May 2017 Campout Summary. by Bobbi and Cheryl.

2016 Campout Summaries
October 2016 Campout Summary. Cheryl’s summary.
September 2016 Campout. Janet Dickson’s summary.
August 2016 Campout. Janet Dickson’s summary.
June 2016 Campout. Jeannine’s summary.
May 2016 Campout. Jeannine’s and Bobbi’s summary.
April 2016 Campout. Cheryl’s summary.

2015 Campouts
We haven’t had any newsletters in 2015. Photos on Facebook are posted with captions, and the following write-ups are available for the April, June, and August campouts:

August 2015 Campout. Janet Dickson’s summary of the campout.

Kat McGrath’s blog about the June campout
. Also had a write-up in the LOWs July-August Newsletter.

April 2015 Campout. Bobbi Harden’s summary of the campout in lieu of a newsletter.

2014 Newsletters
October-November 2014 Newsletter
August-September 2014 Newsletter
June-July 2014 Newsletter
May 2014 Newsletter

2013 Newsletters
Oct-Dec 2013 Newsletter
September 2013 Newsletter
August 2013 Newsletter
July 2013 Newsletter
June 2013 Newsletter
May 2013 Newsletter

2012 Newsletters
November/December 2012 Newsletter
October 2012 Newsletter
September 2012 Newsletter
August 2012 Newsletter
July 2012 Newsletter
June 2012 Newsletter
April/May 2012 Newsletter
March 2012 Newsletter