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September 3-10, 2017 Campout, Wagram, NC — 2 Comments

  1. Other than pool still open in early September, not much to recommend this campground for another campout. Sporadic TV reception, Wi-Fi worked only one day, one member got stuck in deep sand on interior road, another lost a slide-out cover to low branches. Mac Legerton, Riverway Outdoor Adventure, told us about some additional things to do, but most everything was at least an hour away. Only nearby attraction was nice little winery, Cypress Bend Vineyards. Because of campground, location, and concern about Hurricane Irma, only 2 attendees (out of 7) remained by Friday.

  2. Lady at campground says GPSs will take you 8/10 mile past the campground. Look for small sign beside dirt road on the right.