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June 7-14, 2015, Campout in Cave Spring, GA — 18 Comments

  1. I just rented a car from Enterprise in Rome-they will pick me up and drop me off. Pick up on Monday probably around 2 he said, drop off on Friday; so I’ll really only have the car for exploring Tues-Thur. I don’t really want to drive to Atlanta, would rather do things more locally, like in Cave Spring and Rome, since I’ve never been in that area of Georgia.

    • Edith,I wish I had this set up so everyone would be notified when there’s a comment, but I don’t have that yet. Since there will be several of you until Friday (when Sandie and Bonnie leave), the timing for your car doesn’t sound the best. Monday morning-Friday morning would probably be best if possible. Someone thought they might deliver the car to the campground?? Do you have the roster for email addresses of Kat, Sandie, Bonnie? Yvonne has said she may not go anywhere until the festival on Saturday.

      • Since they’re picking me up, the earliest will probably be 2, although he said that if they could do it earlier, he would call me. Monday is their busiest day for returns and pickups. I don’t think they deliver the car to the campground; believe I have to go into Rome to do the paperwork and pick it up, but I can call them back and check.

        • BTW, last time I looked, the weather didn’t look good for Cave Spring. If it’s raining, museums look good. I want to go to the Tellus and Western Art museums. Both are connected with the Smithsonian. When not raining, any downtown areas that look interesting, starting with Cave Spring. If good day(s), maybe tubing or kayaking??

  2. We’ll have happy hour at 4 pm on Sunday for those who have arrived, and I’ll have sandwich fixins for Sunday around 6 pm. We’ll probably have a pot luck dinner on Wednesday. I’ve never rented a car, so don’t know if you can arrange after you arrive on Sunday to have it Monday morning. I’m going to let all of you who need a ride discuss how to arrange for the car and set rules for sharing the expenses. I’ll have my Jeep and John Henry will probably bring his 2-seater for him and Bob. There will be 7 women and 2 men. You can combine the cost of the rental and gas for it and my Jeep for all 4 days (Sandie and Bonnie are leaving Friday) and share among everyone who needs a ride…OR…how to handle if not everyone goes every day? What if both vehicles don’t go to the same places every day? BTW, Scott Antique Markets is about 91 miles; don’t think I’ll go to that one.

  3. I’m definitely up for chipping in on a car rental if needed to visit some of the places we’re talking about here. Kat – hooray for the coupon – as they say, “never let a good coupon go to waste”. Sandie – Crystal River is so nice… the Mid and Dixie LOWs camp in that area often. Are you staying at Jones RV Park on Willowtrail Pkwy in Norcross? If so, I’ll try to reserve a spot there for Friday and Saturday nights after we leave the SE LoWs. You can email me at: bonnpon@att.net – I don’t want to reserve at the wrong place!

  4. Cheryl, if another car is needed, I can try to rent one from Enterprise for a few days. I think they have an office in Rome; maybe they’ll ‘pick me up’ at the campground.

    • Yvonne is also not bringing a car. So there’s only one other woman I haven’t asked, and she’s a guest. Maybe several of you can chip in for a rental.

  5. I’ll have a car. Who else will have one? There will be 9 of us until Friday, but Bob and John Henry probably won’t be interested in a lot that we women do. So there’ll be either 7 or 9 of us; we’ll need at least 2 cars. The Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center that Bonnie is interested in is in Cartersville. I’ve been to the Tellus Museum there and it was great. I didn’t get to go to the Western Art Museum but would like to this trip. I like museums, gardens, old houses, festivals, and outdoor things (if my foot is better).

  6. I also will need a ride. I won’t b renting a car til Friday at Jones.

  7. Bonnie….I used to live in Crystal River. It is 7 1/2 hrs drive from Jones. Drove it often. Tampa would probably add another 2 hrs.??

  8. Jones RV park off I85 in Atl on Indian trail is a nice little park about a block off interstate. I stay there often. They don’t accept cash. Scott’s antique market is awesome. It is only 1 weekend a month so we r lucky to be there on that weekend.

  9. I just found a $1.00 off admission coupon on the Scott’s website. I will print out a few copies and bring them with me.

  10. I will also be leaving the campout on Friday and will mosey home to Tampa (need to be home Sunday or Monday) and would love to follow you, Sandra, if only for a day! I love thrifting and antiquing and can split the cost of a day’s car rental with you if I can get a reservation at the same campground. We will talk!
    I’m up for pretty much anything listed – I love museums and historical places. I’d particularly like to see the Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center if others are interested as well.
    I don’t have a car and would need rides… also will happily chip in for gas.

  11. I would be interested in going on 6/11. I would need a ride and will definitely contribute for gas.

  12. Post here if you’re interested in going to Scott Antique Market in Atlanta.

  13. I vote 4 a drive into Atl for the Scott antique market on 6/11 since I have to leave 6/12. For folks liking antiques and collectibles it is the best!! Seriously!! And I will go to Jones RV Park in Atl when I check out. I will rent a car and stay a few more days. Anyone wanting to visit the awesome thrift stores can join me. I know where they are.
    I will only be at the rally m-f….only reservation I could get.